First up, progress on “Summer Storm.” The first page is complete and I’m working on the 2nd page. I plan to have all three pages done by this weekend.

And secondly, a new project, I’m planning on doing fanart of Azealia Banks based on her appearances in her four music videos from the 1991 EP. I aim to complete this by the end of the month. (I would also like to wrap up my dog illustrations as well, which there will be at least two more of by the end of this month.)

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I also have a new freelance editorial illustration assignment that I’m starting this week. Sketches in by Friday, and final by next Friday or Saturday. More details on that later, I’m excited about it to say the least.

Additionally, I have plans to put together two new zines (“ENTITIES” and a zine based on travel experiences) by next weekend for Zinefest, which is on September 22nd.

All in all, I’ll be offering up the “SUMMER” zine (which will be "Summer Swim" and “Summer Storm” as a mini-anthology), “ENTITIES” (various character designs), a new zine based on personal travel experiences, and reprints of the following: "role models," "I’D SLEEP THERE," and "Alphazine Vol. 2: From Jesus to Quiche"

I think I’ll be offering up at least five copies of each zine. Each will be printed in black & white, but I’ll try to spice it up using different colored paper for the covers.

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    A news update of sorts. As for image content, nothing that new for you guys who follow this blog.
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